The Smart Start education

For you who are going to do it


It is time for Sweden to build - what the government calls - a smart industry. Sustainability, digitalisation, lifelong learning and innovations are, according to the government, the four most important components. Well thought out, we think of the Sustainability Circle.


A smart industry requires Smart Maintenance . And, Smart Maintenance requires expertise. That is why we have developed the two-day Smart Start training, which is intended to be your start on the work of establishing a Smart Maintenance in your company.

Day 1: Sustainable development and the connection to Smart Maintenance


08.30 Smart Industri


What does the government mean by the fact that we need a smart industry? What does Sustainability Circle mean by Smart Maintenance? And, why are they necessary if we are to develop our economy?


Discussion: What are the possibilities with a Smart Maintenance?


10.00 Sustainable development


The UN calls on the world to realize sustainable development. How does science view such a challenge? What are its constituents? And, how do we cope?


Discussion: What are our biggest challenges?


12.00 Lunch


13.00 Digitization


Digitization is transforming industries, companies, functions, professions and professional roles - often beyond recognition. But how? In the afternoon of day 1, we discuss a number of scenarios for what digitalisation is doing to us.


Discussion: Which of the scenarios do we think will come true?


16.30 Closing

Day 2: Sustainable technology and economy


08.30 Smart Maintenance


Smart Maintenance is based on a comprehensive digital toolbox and on a well-developed Smart Maintenance Management.


Discussion: How big is the potential for your own company?


10.30 Smart Maintenance Analysis


How far have we come in relation to the business community in general?


12.00 Lunch


13.30 Not everyone likes change


How do we deal with innovators, early adopters, the early majority, the late majority and the traditionalists in the work with Smart Maintenance?


16.00 Closing and homecoming


Anders Källström Chairman of the Sustainability Circle


Target group

The course is aimed at technicians, engineers and economists with an interest in Smart Maintenance in technology-intensive activities (industry, infrastructure, real estate, healthcare, energy).



5500 SEK, excluding VAT for members of the Sustainability Circle.

6700 SEK, excluding VAT for non-members.

The price includes coffee, lunch and course documentation.



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