Analysis model Smart Maintenance Analysis:

How far have we come

Smart Maintenance?


Digitization is fast. It is important to know how your own organization relates to the development front.


A smart industry is realized in a variety of ways. One of the pillars is through Smart Maintenance .


Smart Maintenance…

  •   … Uses digital technology to collect, analyze and visualize data.

  •   … Uses human competence to learn and communicate development opportunities.

  •   … Aims to realize a zero vision regarding technical errors, industrial sustainability and thereby contribute to sustainable development.


Smart Maintenance is a further development of the maintenance work. Through new technology and changed skills, we work smarter and more efficiently. As a result, maintenance can contribute greater value in the company.


Together with Chalmers and our principals, we have developed an analysis model; Smart Maintenance Analysis. The purpose of the analysis is to examine how far our members have come with the implementation of Smart Maintenance.

The analysis contains two parts


In the first part, we estimate how large a part of the own maintenance activities consists of remedial, preventive resp. technology development maintenance. This estimate is made as a percentage of the total maintenance operations and in three time perspectives, three years ago, today and in three years. The results are then presented in a bar chart where these can be compared with the results from other companies.


In part two, we take a position on 20 statements. For each statement, the extent to which the statement corresponds with one's own business is assessed. This is done on a scale from 0 to 5 where 0. These are also answered from the perspectives; three years ago, today and in three years. The results are then presented in spider diagrams where the company is compared with other companies.








Smart Maintenance Analysis is carried out as part of our Smart Start training but can also be carried out as an individual service.


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