Smart Maintenance Management

To lead Smart Maintenance


Digitization affects everything. Much changes beyond recognition. Digitization requires that we quickly reduce the number of accidents. Preferably down to zero. In addition, digitalisation enables the realization of such a zero vision. The conclusion is given; invest in Smart Maintenance!


For those of us who already work in the business world, it is important to keep up with the rapid development. From having been good at areas such as electricity and mechanics, we must now also understand the possibilities of digital technology. Sensors, big data, 5G, algorithms, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, machine learning and much more provide competitiveness. Those who first gain insights into how these tools can be used will gain an edge in the competition over which companies should survive.


But, technology also affects how we work.

  • Professional roles change when we get robots and artificial intelligence as a co-worker.

  • Department and company boundaries are thinned out when virtually all technology is connected to the Internet of Things.

  • The regulations that have been developed over decades and that have helped us to cooperate suddenly become obstacles.

  • And, the old economic calculations are put to an end. The mix between costs is changing. The requirements for long-term economic thinking must be matched against rapid results. In addition, digitization is cheap.