Smart Maintenance Technology

To digitize maintenance


By using digital technology, we are approaching a zero vision against accidents and incidents. This in turn is an important part for digitalisation, the smart company and a smart industry to be fully realized.


Maintenance has traditionally been focused on analog technology. Now the analog technology must "marry" with the digital and the responsibility lies with us.


We work to follow the rapid digital development and set requirements for how digital technology should be designed and used.


Concrete issues include:

  • How should the algorithms that enable prediction and prescription work? How do algorithms turn big data into small data?

  • What requirements should we place on the transparency of the algorithms so that we retain control? How much do we need to know?

  • When can the technology be outsourced and when should it be in-house?

  • How do we use sensors, big data, 5G, augmented reality, mobile visualization and additive manufacturing of spare parts in Smart maintenance?

  • How do we use digital twins and test beds at work?



On October 17, 2019, Sustainability Circle together with Rise Mätteknik arranged a meeting in Borås on the theme -  Digitization and quality

Presentations from the meeting attached here: