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Sustainability Circle...

The think tank Sustainability Circle:

A network for industrial sustainable development


Sustainability Circle is a think tank founded by Sweden's largest industries in 2010.


Today we are almost 50 connected and  committed  businesses. You will find many of Sweden's most well-known brands. Over the years, industries have been accompanied by infrastructure companies, healthcare, service companies and academia.


Sustainability Circle's mission is to develop a concept in the field of industrial sustainable debelopment. Companies are faced with increasingly tougher challenges and need to be more longterm sustainable to handle this.


Digitization creates opportunities in the realization of sustainable development. Therefore, more and more are now investing in smart companies and a smart industry.


However, digitization makes us increasingly technology-dependent. If digitization is to succeed, technology must work and must last.


By upgrading the traditional maintenance to a Smart Maintenance, we can approach a zero vision regarding incidents and accidents. It is our ultimate goal.


Sustainability Circle offers commercially neutral, hands-on knowledge and experience transfer on Smart Maintenance, in a timely and cost-effective way.


We are not consultants, researchers or educators. We are a think tank where we develop Smart Maintenance together, organized as a network where the members work together.


Maintenance Excellence  turns to all those involved in maintenance and focuses on how to implement preventive maintenance. It's done by visiting each other's companies and learning from the best examples right now.


Smart Maintenance Technology  turns to smart maintenance managers and engineers who currently want to focus on the technical issues. This network is focused on the digital technology that Smart Maintenance is based on. What requirements should we put on development? How much do we and our employees need to know / learn?


Smart Maintenance Management turns to those in charge of smart maintenance who are interested in leadership and organization. How do we lead the introduction of a smart maintenance? How do we create safe and socially sustainable environments in the major transformation we face? How should we succeed in recruiting next-generation employees?



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