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Here you can afterwards take part in our Webinar.


For registration for the upcoming - follow this link

Lifelong learning? March 18 with Johan Odelius, LTU
Industrial AI - Promises and challenges 13 October with Ramin Karim, LTU
Strategy development for Smart Maintenance, 14 October with Camilla Lundgren, Chalmers
Robust data and sustainable introduction of smart maintenance, October 14 with Karin Wilson, RISE
Industrial AI - A Human Perspective October 13 with Phillip Tretten, LTU
How can Smart Maintenance affect the climate and what is it worth in economic terms, October 14 with Tomas Rydberg, IVL
Ethical guidelines for the use of AI,  October 14 with Oskar Macgregor, Skövde University

We also want to draw your attention to some fantastic films that Rise has made. 

They discuss "how the need for skills changes when new technology replaces existing ones, how we can use lifelong learning to adapt to this and how the education system needs to change to meet future needs for new skills."

There are a number of short films with inspiring lecturers and guests. You can see this

About Digitization and Smart Production 4 Nov 2020

About digitization with  Otherwise  Källström 2 April 2020

About Sustainable Development with Henric Widén  24 April 2020

How does horizontal integration work? Jon Bokrantz- 17 Jan 2020

How do we attract the next generation to maintenance? Johan Odelius, 3 April 2020

A smarter factory in two days - 19 Dec 2019

How sustainable is the world for 2020?  - 11 & 12 Dec 2019

Some webinars are only available to our members - they can be found on our member page


- if you are unsure of the password , contact us

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