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There are plenty of challenges. 

One of them is  digitization. It creates a demand for a Smart Industry which in turn requires Smart Maintenance. Technology, skills and results will all change radically. It starts now and will affect most things, quite quickly as well.

Another challenge is how we should  catch. How do you take part in such a rapid development when you already have too much to do? Our Smart Maintenance POD may be the solution. Here you can listen to your colleagues, researchers and other experts. 

Källström's introduction
to the Smart Maintenance Pod.

Get in the habit of listening to an episode while driving, shopping, doing laundry or taking a walk.  All you need is a Smart Phone and a hands-free cord… And, do not forget to keep an eye on new episodes announced in the newsletters that all members of the Sustainability Circle receive. We meet exciting people every single week and the microphone is almost always with ...

Introduktion - Anders Källström
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Källström meets ...

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That data lubricates decision-making processes is a good starting point when developing a strategy and roadmap for how to use digitization. Per Stenlöf shares his experiences and insights about who succeeds with digitization.

Digitization is like building Lego.  You do not know exactly what pieces you have  or what it will be. But you have a picture in your head of where you are going  or would like to build. But you dare to re-prioritize as you see what emerges. The end result may not be exactly as you thought from the beginning, but it was still good and can be used. "

Vem lyckas med Industri 4.0? - Per Stenlöf
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With the threats that many see in front of them with the active presence of digitalisation  in our everyday life the question is asked: How can  do we guarantee security in the cyber world?  

Meet Professor Andrei  Sabelfeld , Chalmers, with a focus on cyber-security. He has been working with software security since 2004. In his research group, they have looked at various aspects, such as integrity.  

Andrej has studied and researched in the USA and Russia and has been working at Chalmers for many years. 

Cybersäkerhet del 1 - Andrei Sabelfeld
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Cybersäkerhet del 2 - Andrei Sabelfeld
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... Cecilia Berlin, Chalmers

Technology is doing more and more. But it will never do everything. The technique sounds uncritical. Man is needed to ensure farsightedness and to, from time to time, slow down. Therefore, we must be good, maybe even get better, at being human. It places demands on the relationship between individual and system so that the work environment becomes socially sustainable. In addition, it places great demands on us to develop tomorrow's leadership.

Chalmers - Cecilia Berlin
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... Anders Skoogh, Chalmers

Smart Maintenance is the next generation of maintenance linked to industrial digitization. But it is not just about technology but also the supply of skills and the role of man in the system.  

In addition, today's young people who have an important role in  the development of Smart Maintenance. But to attract young people to the profession, it is important to be out early and inspire, says Anders.

Chalmers - Anders Skoogh
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... Jon Bokrantz, Chalmers

Digitization, smart industry, smart maintenance, 34 scenarios regarding the development and their probability according to 25 maintenance managers.

Chalmers - Jon Bokrantz
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... Johan Stahre, Chalmers

Smart Industry, New Industrialization, on the Importance of Retaining   production in Sweden, the digital single market within the EU, horizontal digital integration, Sweden's position in relation to the development front, the interest in politics, the importance of standards, the  expected  tempo,  implementation, skills supply, merging of "white and blue collar workers", what we do and must know in 10 years, the labor market of the future.

Chalmers - Johan Stahre
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... Åsa Fasth-Berglund, Chalmers

Automation, vertical and horizontal communication, standards, human-robot collaboration, requirements for competence development and the importance of digital imagination.

... more with Åsa Fasth-Berglund, Chalmers

Robotics, human interaction robot, physical and cognitive collaboration, industry vs welfare services, costs for robotics.

Chalmers - Åsa Fasth-Berglund
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Chalmers - Åsa Fasth-Berglund
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... Erik Dahlén, Fortum

Development of the energy sector, energy systems, raw material sources, vision 2025, digitization, technology development, micro- and macro-systems.

... more with Erik Dahlén, Fortum

M2M, Internet of Things, plaintiffs, statistical methods, materials, #D-printing and automation

Fortum - Erik Dahlén
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Fortum - Erik Dahlén
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... Linda Ramstedt Marklund, Fortum. 

The technical development in the field of energy is enormous. Sun and wind are produced and consumed, unlike fossil fuels, at exactly the same moment. This means that prices will become increasingly volatile and that there is a lot of money to be made from adapting energy consumption to when there is plenty of energy. The energy may even be free sometimes! Flexibility thus becomes more important than energy savings!

Fortum - Linda Ramstedt Marklund
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Fortum - Linda Ramstedt Marklund
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... more with Linda Ramstedt Marklund .

Fortum has come a long way in the work with what we call Smart Maintenance. In addition, it has been fast, inexpensive to implement and has yielded significant results. We may not have full control over what the algorithms do, but the results are convincing, says Linda.

... Johnny Stieger, SKF

Manufacturing reliability, digitization, do we underestimate the power and pace of implementation ?, acceptance of errors, requirements for competence, interaction across organizational boundaries, sensors, 5G, decision support systems, mobile visualization, 3D printing, entertaining robots, interest at management level, Smart Maintenance in today's students.

SKF - Johnny Stieger
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... Roger A Karlsson, SSAB

About the steel industry's situation, future and economy, Smart Industry and Smart Maintenance, analysis of maintenance data, organization and competence, technology, recruitment.

SSAB - Roger A Karlsson
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... Jerry Johansson, Scania

Scania's success factors, digitization, basic maintenance, Smart maintenance, sensors, decision support systems, recruitment, school.

Scania - Jerry Johansson
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... Hans Hellström, Sigma IT

About the development and digitization of maintenance, Smart Maintenance and sensors, Sigma's collaboration with Öresundsbron, Boliden and Quant and about the development of the next 10 years and the problems we must be aware of.

Sigma IT - Hans Hellström
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... Lars-Börje Björfjäll, Göteborgs Spårvägar

About Zero errors, Smart Maintenance, leadership and the importance of fertilizing the organization with new people and new skills.

Lars-Börje Björfjäll, CEO of Göteborgs Spårvägar, also talks about the difficulties with rail-bound traffic.

Göteborgs Spårvägar - Lars-Börje Björfjäll
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... Ljot Strömseng, Norconsult

All companies are part of and thus dependent on society. Society and its properties are affected by digitalisation. This raises a number of questions:


How are the buildings developed? How do we combine longevity with flexibility? Will we 3D-print buildings? And, what do we do with the old ones? Can they also be smart?

Norconsult - Ljot Strömseng
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