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The lecture with Anders Källström called "The digital toolbox" has been extremely popular. It has been developed at different levels so that it suits all companies, regardless of where you are in your digitization process. 


Industrial sustainability through Smart Maintenance


The vision “Industrial sustainability through Smart Maintenance” is about a sequence that begins with (1) digitization and continues with (2) Smart Production, of which (3) Smart Maintenance is a central building block, which has a number of consequences that can all be summarized under the concept of integration.

Digitization and its consequences are discussed in more detail in Källström, A; You in a smarter world; Komlit 2020 (approx. 100 pages) which can be ordered via Adlibris.


I also recommend that we organize a longer workshop (full day) about the digital toolbox and how it is used to realize a smart production / smart maintenance.  

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